Jan 6, 20192 min read

The Project Artist Launch – artist career development

The Project Artist Launch – artist career development

I've launched a new site focused on stories from RedBall and artist career development based on my own experience. I’ll soon be teaching a new course for Creative Capital and wanted to develop a home and resource for all the info as I develop it. Eventually it will include resources for artist to work with festivals in Europe, developing project proposals, artist project budgets, artist statements, and all the rest.

One of the first posts is a little one on how my career got started, at least one version of it! New site at: theprojectartist.com

Waiting to Get Arrested in Barcelona / how my career started

I took this photo while I was waiting to get arrested. We were installed illegally in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, just a few blocks away from the Guardia Civil, and my expat guide had told me we might not have much time. Spain’s Guardia weren’t cops, they were urban military dealing with Basque terrorists, I didn’t imagine they would have much patience for an American idiot like me who didn’t even speak the language, who had blocked a street with a 15 foot high redball..

read the rest on the new site!