We'd love to hear from you

Hi are you a PRESENTER looking to bring the work’ or PRESS on a deadline or a FAN just reaching out?


Hello Presenter, we look forward to speaking with you about the project. This form will email you a basic info sheet for presenters that may answer some of your initial questions. Please keep in mind the artwork is often booked a year out and has a specific performance plan for successful engagement in each new city. We work with many types of partners, but the project says consistent to the artist’s vision.


Hello Media Person! we’ll get back to you right away, but this will also send you a link to a general press kit and FAQ that includes quotes from the artist you can use with attribution, photos, and media links for video embedding. For a tight deadline it may be everything you need.


Hello RedBall Fan, we look forward to hearing form you and we try really hard to write back to everyone, it just might take a while! If your interested in getting RedBall to your city just know everywhere we go RedBall has been invited by a local cultural partner, were always open to talking. If you’ve got a RedBall school project or other artwork you’d like us to see the best thing is to post it over to the project Facebook page so every one can follow along. We're also active on Instagram, and posting new images of the project around the world @redballproject.