May 7 – 22, 2010

Many thanks to the eminent Jonathan Holloway for having the cheeky idea to bring RedBall to Norwich for the NNF2010 festival, and the amazing Jenny Vila for making it happen. In on the plan was Matt Burman, who kept a knowing executive eye on how much time I spent in the pub. Not held back by their impressive titles, Jenny and Jonathan also did me the favor of getting an errant RedBall back in a fire station door while I was off giving a lecture, and explaining patiently to the audience how such things don’t happen.

I am very grateful to the people of Norwich who were incredibly embracing of the work in spirit and action, and built a daily community that was unique in my experience and a pleasure to join. Christina Milan, my intrepid assistant, when not chatting with the public was working out the coordinates of the nearest convergence of cappuccino and croissant. She also wrote all the daily posts for Norwich but this one, often from on site, and allowed me the chance to step back and see the work.